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General Crime

Current Instructions:

R v M (2018) (Basildon CC) Alleged Section 18 Stabbing and multiple glassing

Notable Cases:

R v H (2018) (Northampton CC) Alleged Kidnapping, threats with an Imitation Firearm and ABH. Successful application to dismiss.

R v S (2018) Aylesbury CC – Attempted Section 18 Assault within a Prison using boiling hot water

R v R (2018) (Inner London CC) Manslaughter – Gross Negligence and Unlawful Act. Led Junior for the Lead Defendant. Complex case involving issues of Autonomy, Causation and Toxicology

R v J (Luton CC) (2017) Murder – represented as Junior Counsel led by Mathew Sherratt QC. Involved use of television as a weapon.

R v L (Kingston CC) (2017) Possession of a sawn off shotgun and Cannabis Cultivation

R v A (Harrow CC) (2016) Attempted Burglary – Defendant unfit to plead – contested fact finding

R v D (Luton CC) (2017) - Aggravated Burglary – targeting of a specific address – returned with an accomplice, facial disguise and iron bars

R v S (Leicester CC) - 13 handed Violent Disorder. (Operation Engine)

R v MF (Isleworth CC) – multi handed campaign of Knifepoint Robbery, Section 18 and Aggravated Burglary instructed for first defendant.

R v CK (Preston CC) Knifepoint Section 18 and robbery involving multiple wounds to the chest.

R v CB (Wood Green CC) – Led Junior in 10 handed multiple conspiracy to commit Arson including setting fire to the M1 flyover.

R v MO (Inner London CC) – Riots case where application to stay case as abuse of process upheld.

R v CG (Snaresbrook CC) – Multi handed “Car-jacking” in East London.

R v RG (Leicester CC) – 8 handed violent disorder involving rival gangs in Leicester.

R v SS (Cambridge CC) – Serious assault involving multiple knives and threats.

R v LC (Basildon CC) – Robbery involving impersonation of Police Detective.

R v JC (Basildon CC) – Aggravated TDA involving pursuit by Police Helicopter.

R v DW (Croydon CC) – 9-handed violent disorder involving supporters from Crystal Palace and Millwall.

R v SA (Croydon CC) – Alleged bomb hoax involving a number of London Underground stations.

R v TA (Isleworth CC) – 4 handed class A drugs importation and onward supply from Costa Rica. Issues included cut throat defences and extensive phone evidence.

R v MT (Isleworth CC) – Threats to Kill & ABH. Issues in the case included hostile witnesses, bad character and dangerousness.

R v MD (Cardiff CC) – Alleged class A drug supply involving successful applications to exclude bad character and evidence obtained from mobile phones. Acquitted of all matters after trial.

R v W (St Albans CC) – Joint enterprise theft from Vehicle, successful submission of no case to answer on the basis of identification.

R v TH (Kingston CC) – Handling stolen goods, involved the use of specialist covert tracking equipment hidden in a police decoy vehicle.

R v W (CCC) – Burglary, direction to acquit following legal submissions on the exclusion of questionable expert phone evidence.

R v SS (Harrow CC) – Possession of a Samurai sword, a set of nunchuks, criminal damage and affray arising from a dispute over a kebab shop.

R v FN (2014) (Kingston CC) - 4 cases of violent assaults for a single defendant involving complex psychological issues. Most serious offence was a section 18 using a piece of broken glass.

R v S (2014) (Harrow CC) - Armed robbery involving alleged threat of a knife.

R v AK (2015) (Kingston CC) - multi handed armed robbery involving Taser, baton and balaclava in a dwelling

R v KB (2015) (Croydon CC) - Section 18 - facial stabbing with a concealed belt knife.

R v JU (2015) (Croydon CC) - Section 18 - Alleged use of noxious substance and improvised slingshot.

R v I (2015) (Wood Green CC) - Section 18 - Eye stabbing involving a pre broken glass bottle.

R v M (2015) (Snaresbrook CC) –Section 18 – group attack at night – kicks whilst on the floor – facial fracture sustained.

R v M (2015) (Harrow CC) - Section 18 resulting in brain damage & partial deafness. Youth Defendant was 14.

R v PV (2015) (Isleworth CC) - Possession of working firearm and ammunition in aircraft hand luggage. Case involved minimum sentence provisions and argument on exceptional circumstances