Ashley Hendron

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Fraud and Financial Crime

Notable cases:

R v A (Southwark CC) (2017) Multi-handed Casino Fraud

R v K (Birmingham CC) (2018) Historical Family Dispute Fraud and alleged perverting the course of Justice.

R v J (Inner London CC) (2018) Fraud – abuse of position by Employee, hijacked company banking facilities when Company Directors were abroad.

R v B (Snaresbrook CC) (2018) Fraud – abuse of position by employee specifically tasked with Gaming Security for Large Company

R v F (Southwark CC) (2017) Multi-handed banking fraud & money laundering with an alleged loss in excess of £500,000 (Operation Padma and Operation Stockbridge). Following trial acquitted of all counts.

R v B (Maidstone CC) (2016) Cheque Fraud by former bank employee

R v J (Kingston CC) (2016) Revenue Fraud

R v O (St. Albans CC) (2016) Alleged international fraud and money laundering of just under £500,000 with fraud alleged in America, Canada and the Bahamas.

R v BD (St Albans CC) – Led Junior – complex benefit fraud involving forged declarations of trust, allegations of multiple frauds over a substantial period of time.

R v G  (Winchester  CC)  –  Led  Junior  –  complex  benefit  fraud  involving  surveillance  evidence, complex medical material and substantial bad character issues.

R v SA (Basildon CC) – Multi-handed benefit fraud involving the use of multiple sets of applications and multiple identities.

R v GK (Croydon CC) – Alleged money laundering involving substantial payments. On the basis of the capacity issues, following representations the Crown offered no evidence.

R v EW (Winchester CC) – complicated banking fraud and money laundering case involving the hijacking of legitimate bank customers and money laundering through various accounts.

R v HM (2015) (Harrow CC) – Confidence fraud targeting a particularly vulnerable ethnic minority involving the use of different roles, disguises and cleverly manipulated lottery tickets.

R v AL (2015) (Woolwich CC) - 8 handed Housing Fraud case with a value in excess of £900,000. Prosecuted by London Borough of Southwark (Operation Bronze). Following a 4 week trial, defendant acquitted.

R v GB (2016) (Peterborough CC) - £300,000 Revenue Fraud relating to VAT, PAYE and National Insurance through the alleged running of a closed down business. The case also involved allegations of breaches of Company Disqualification orders (HMRC Operation Bulk)