Ashley Hendron

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Confiscation, Civil Recovery and Asset Forfeiture

R v BC (Winchester CC) – Led Junior on a complex multi handed Confiscation. (SOCA Operation Beath

R v MH – (Southwark CC) – Led Junior on a complex Confiscation. Issues in the case included multiple contempt proceedings with fresh proceedings arising from efforts to obtain a new passport.

R v S – (Croydon CC) – Following legal argument on alleged abuse of process, the Prosecuting Authority withdrew Confiscation proceedings.

RART v P (Bristol MC) – Appeared in contested cash Detention Proceedings.

AA v SOCA (High Court – QBD) Dealt with Interim Application in relation to Variation of Restraint Order for Representation.

R v FB (2015) (Isleworth CC) - Contested POCA proceedings involving hidden assets.