Andrew Turton

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General Crime

Wide-ranging experience in all areas including drugs offences, blackmail, kidnapping and serious offences of violence and group disorder.

Reported cases:

  • R v Tibbs [2000] 2 Cr App R 309 CA – A leading case on Defence Statements.

  • R v Burstow [1998] AC 147 HL – the non-violent infliction of psychiatric harm by a stalker. This was a ground-breaking case which attracted national interest and saw the introduction of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Dealt with all stages of the case from Bracknell MC to the House of Lords.

  • Attorney General’s Reference (No 55 of 2008) (R v C) [2009] 2 Cr App R (S) 22 a leading case on the discretionary use of imprisonment for public protection (of particular interest and relevance to sexual offences).

Other recent cases include: 

  • R v T Guildford CC (2012): Lead counsel in complex case concerning physical abuse and neglect of children. The Crown alleged that the most serious of the assaults led to a ruptured bowel caused by the defendant jumping on the child’s stomach.  Other allegations assaults included holding the child’s feet to a hot radiator and poking both eyes so that the corneas were scratched. The female defendant was convicted of GBH with intent and child cruelty following a five week trial. Click here to read the Daily Mail article.