Alphege Bell

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Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

Has a vast amount of expertise and experience in this area and consequently defends in a very large number of murders and is skilled at strategies for all aspects of defence in Homicide. Very able at navigating difficult defences through the complexities of joint enterprise and cut throat scenarios.

  • R v. C and others, CCC. Recently secured the acquittal of defendant of murder;

  • R v. E and others, Bradford CC. Secured acquittal as a result of legal submission in relation to a joint enterprise gun fatality;

  • R v. W, CCC. Gangland contract killing;

  • R v B, CCC. Murder;

  • R v J, CCC. Secured the acquittal of a defendant accused of Murder, ‘body in the cupboard’;

  • R v B, CCC. Attempted Murder.