Alphege Bell

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Working exclusively for the defence, he is an established leading advocate at the criminal bar.

His practice arcs across the entire field of criminal law extending through the Crown Court into the Court of Appeal and if required the Administrative Court. He has defended across a very wide range of high profile offences in the criminal calendar, including multiple murder, manslaughter, national drugs conspiracies, complex fraud, fire arms and miscarriages of justice cases. He is often instructed as leading counsel for the defence in multi-handed cases brought by specialist and elite police and prosecution authorities such as SOCO, Trident, CPS Special Casework Unit and the Attorney General. He has a vast experience in technical evidential matters relating to accounting and police surveillance. This also extends to forensic issues: ballistics, blood splatter, fibre transfer, dna, ballistics and cell site.  Although based in London his strengths in grave and complex crime take him to courts across the national circuit doing private and publicly funded work. As well as being a contributor to the academic debate on the limits and reform of the criminal law, he is also called upon for television and radio consultancy and interviews.