Adam Kane QC

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Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

Acts across the spectrum of homicide offences from murder through baby-shaking to fatal accident & gross negligence manslaughter cases.


R-v-C & Others – Revenge murder in Polish community over turf-war.

R -v- T & Another – For parent in multiple-injury and baby-shaking case with pubic law family proceedings in background.

R –v- B – Former tax inspector acquitted on appeal of murder of husband who disappeared 10 years before proceedings.

R –v- P – Head of far-right organisation acquitted of murder, convicted of manslaughter of fellow officer. 

R –v G – Night-club bouncer acquitted of group murder of club-goer.

R –v I – Asylum-seeker convicted of murder of one male partner, acquitted of robbery of another.

R –v- N – Builder acquitted of revenge murder of father-in-law over abuse claims.

R  –v- Wheeler - Royal Mail lorry-driver acquitted over crushing death of colleague in HSE prosecution.

R -v- Burnett – HGV-fitter acquitted of gross negligence manslaughter of apprentice in HSE prosecution.