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Fraud and Financial Crime

Leading defence practitioner in fraud. He has been involved in several of the more significant cases of financial-market abuse prosecuted by the SFO recently, often complex, multiple complainant cases. Regularly defends in bribery, corruption and abuse of position cases. He led for the defence at first instance and on appeal in the first prosecution of Cartel Offending under the Enterprise Act, representing the cartel organiser in the Marine-Hose case. His recent clients have included company directors, IFAs, lawyers, medical professionals, senior bank officials, a prison governor, a customs officer and a private detective.

Recent cases which have attracted national publicity have included:

Ex-HBOS banker 'sold his soul for swag' - BBC News

Royal Household worker Ronald Harper jailed for £100k bribes - BBC News

City traders jailed in film tax scam - Financial Times

Real life Wolf of Wall Street fraudsters who fleeced British investors out £60m


Operation Hayrack – for director of company allegedly in cartel involved in bribery and corruption of management at Privy Purse and Treasurers Office of the Royal Household over contracts for the Royal Palaces.

Operation Hornet – for company accountant in bribery, corruption and fraudulent trading case against senior HBOS executives, and officers of corporate turn-around consultancy, exposing the Bank to £35 million losses.

Operation Kyrenia – for director and company secretary in conspiracy to defraud NHS by officers of private perfusion science company in delivery of NHS contracts.


Operations Crystalline and Chainmail – for assistant to director of Wealth Management company advising high net worth individuals in film-investment sideways tax relief fraud. Sole defendant acquitted in both prosecutions.

Operation Bellum – for 1st defendant Nat West Business Banking manager authorizing massive bogus business loans in fraud / abuse of authority case.

Operation Janitor – for alleged controlling mind company secretary to fulcrum company in conspiracy to cheat HM Revenue & Customs in VAT repayment fraud.

Operation Pursuit – for first defendant in £6.9 million commercial property transfer fraud involving brokers, solicitors and estate agents.

Operation MFB – for first defendant in third trial of £300 million MTIC investigation into rag trade, and associated pre-action restraint proceedings for family of principal.

Operation Nanobot – for off-shore IFA in conspiracies to defraud the Revenue and to launder the proceeds of a fraud upon DEFRA. 

Operation Raiment – for company director employment agent in massive tax fraud enquiry, acquitted of fraud on management receivers and liquidators, and money-laundering conspiracies through payroll companies.

Operation Groat – for practise manager acquitted of conspiracy to defraud and false accounting charges relating to contract between Dental Practise and NHS Primary Care Trust.

Operation Steamroller – For first defendant in SFO prosecution of $100 million investment fraud involving ‘Reg S’ U.S. stock.

Operation Affair – for principal in SFO prosecution of £15 million boiler-room fraud involving investors in the alternative energy bio-tech sector.

Operation XCL (Beijing Olympic ticketing fraud) – for first defendant in SFO prosecution of £4 million entertainment and event ticket-touting fraud.

Operation Duma – for managing director of buffer company in £50 million MTIC VAT fraud.

R –v M (& Others) – for contractor in building contracting bribery conspiracy, to defraud the Ministry of Justice.

Operation Dwight - for first defendant, managing director & former probation officer in £1 million intellectual property fraud on the European Social Fund.

R –v- C & Others – for first defendant director of logistics company in £4 million VAT, fuel fraud and goods conspiracies involving false identity factory.

R –v- M & another – For IFA in corporate & private client bond-stripping and life-assurance & pension policy churning fraud.

R – Whittle & 2 others – For Cartel organiser in SFO prosecution of the marine hose cartel.