Successful appeal for Laura Hocknell.  Woman who accidentally torched ex-lover’s hot-tub wins appeal.

Ms Bradley was charged with arson with intent to endanger life and arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered. She pleaded guilty to simple arson, having set fire to a fence in her back garden. The fire spread within seconds to her neighbour's property, destroying his decking, hot tub, and climbing up the walls of his house, which he was inside at the time.

The defendant was acquitted of both of the more serious charges after trial. She was sentenced in respect of simple arson to a term of 21 months' imprisonment. This sentence was reduced by the Court of Appeal to 14 months, enabling her immediate release.

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case information

Date: 24/01/2014

Client: Regina v Patricia Bradley

Barrister: Laura Hocknell

Court: Court of Appeal

Solicitors: IBB Solicitors